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More than 20 years of experience

About us?

Activities of Madrid Schools arises from the demand from schools in Madrid and the rest of the world after the pandemic.

Why did Activities Colegios Madrid arise?

We are parents and we saw how our children needed to do outdoor activities with their friends but with the distance, being able to share a ride through Retiro on a Kart or Segway with their classmates and see what everyone enjoyed was the beginning of the project.

We have been part of Retiro Magic and Madrid-Segway since 2010 and our clients tell us what they need, walking through Retiro with the school or institute is one of the demands that has grown the most in recent years, hence the origin of specializing in Activities for the Schools in Madrid that learn about the Retiro or the schools in the rest of Spain or the world that include us in their study trips.

We are a team of instructors specialized in activities with children who take a tour of Retiro Park adapted to children with anecdotes and history. We can do the tours in Spanish, English or other languages upon reservation.

We believe that the experiences that children can have with their peers in an environment other than the classroom helps them better assimilate the concepts learned in the classroom.

What does Madrid School Activities do?

We want to be part of the children’s learning with fun and culture so that knowing the history of the park by driving a Kart or a Segway is an active part and they feel autonomous and participate in the tour.

Our internal regulations require us to have the highest levels of security. We take care of all the details to provide children with the most safe fun possible. The park is a closed area from which we do not leave and at all times they are accompanied by monitors and their own teachers.

We are proud of the service we provide and the positive opinions of our schools that once they try they repeat.

Can you only take a tour in the Retiro?

It can be done both at the Retiro and at the school itself, we go to the school to organize activities with the Karts in the school yard.

How can I reserve?

It is best that you contact us so we can talk and offer the best option.

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