Excursions for schools in Retiro are moments to enjoy in the company of schoolmates getting to know Retiro in a fun way. That they will create a pleasant memory.

What is a Segway?

The Segway is the first self-balancing transportation device. The base keeps the base of the Segway horizontal at all times.

Children who use it must lean towards the direction they want to take (front, back, right or left).

What is a kart?

A kart is a single-seat land vehicle without a roof or cockpit, without suspension and with or without bodywork elements, with 4 non-aligned wheels that are in contact with the ground, the two front ones exercising direction control and the two rear ones connected by a One-piece shaft, transmit power.

Can all children participate?

Yes, anyone can participate. It is recommended that you be over 6 years old so that you can enjoy the tour and learn.

What do the excursions consist of?

There are different options since they can be combined in the way that best suits the children. Ideally, each school contacts us to choose the best option.

What is an educational excursion?

It is the moment in which students enjoy and learn in the company of their classmates. They can be done at school with new activities or outside of school.

From School Activities we offer a wide catalog of activities in Retiro Park. All excursions come with expert guides who help you get to know the park.

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